In Turkey, protests are being confined to isolated – namely “authorized” – areas away from the city center, contrary to the very spirit of the right to peaceful protest.

Taksim, a gathering spot for decades where people from all walks of life come together to make their voices heard, has now become a symbol of the long-standing restrictions on the right to protest in the country.

Even if it is closed to all forms of opposition for the last years, we do not give up Taksim and we do not give up defending the right to protest.

Protest is the first step towards change and an indispensable ground for social dialogue for the protection and promotion of human rights. The main purpose of exercising the right to protest is to make demands visible. For exactly this reason, its violation may cause all other rights violations to increase or become invisible, obstructing the search for accountability and justice. 

In order to protect the right to protest and remind that Taksim is the historical center of protests, we invite you to join a special tour in the neighborhood from past to present.

Let's raise our voices together to ensure that the restrictions on the right to protest in Taksim are lifted and the demands for rights are visible again! Click the button below and sign the petition.